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Обновление 1.06 для GTA V от 19 ноября
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Beach Bum GTA 5

Автоматическое обновление GTA 5 для консолей Xbox 360 и PlayStation 3 содержит первое бесплатное дополнение Beach Bum и исправляет ряд ошибок в одиночной игре GTA V и в GTA Online.
Список исправлений представлен ниже:
Исправленные ошибки, описанные на русском языке, можно прочитать по ссылке.

Fixed an issue where the game would delete your personal Vehicle if you have another player in it when you add a Tracker and Insurance.
Fixed an issue where players could become stuck on the aerial view when entering GTA Online with cloud servers down and having just launched a mini-game.
Fixed an issue where the mission 'Damaged Goods' would start even though it had previously been completed.
Fixed an issue where under rare circumstances players couldn't claim back their personal vehicle in GTA Online. 
Fixed an issue where under rare circumstances players were able to get the Declasse Sheriff SUV into Los Santos Customs and respray it causing the menus to malfunction.
Fixed an issue where in rare circumstances players would lose all personal vehicles after being idle kicked and unable to rejoin an online session.
Fixed an issue where players could occasionally get stuck after killing a pedestrian with a golf ball.
Corrected an exploit where players would retain their personal vehicle after selling it at Los Santos Customs mod shop by transitioning back and forth between Story Mode and Online.
Corrected an exploit where players could keep repeatedly selling a Bati 801 to Los Santos Customs.
Corrected an exploit where players were able to duplicate vehicles by accepting a Mission while leaving a high-end garage.
Corrected an exploit where a player could start a Team Deathmatch with all players on the same team.
Players are no longer able to delete their GTA Online character while the Rockstar cloud servers are unavailable.

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